I started doing Web Design in High School, and co-op’d at Apogee Recording Studio in Orono, Ontario.  I designed websites for my band at the time, and many other bands in the area.  Back in those days, I was confined to Corel Draw and an early version of Adobe Photoshop. After excelling in Digital Communications in High School, I enrolled in Multimedia Design & Production at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. This is where I first learned proper HTML, CSS & Javascript among other things, like Graphic Design, Video Production, Flash, 3D & Sound Production.  I decided to focus on Web Production after in graduated in 2005, and found contracts at Ontario Children’s Mental Health, and a few other various companies doing short-term contracts.

After moving to Toronto, my career has taken me to such agencies as Digital Cement, Thrillworks, Forge Media + DesignThe Globe and Mail, and Bell/Bell Media where I’m currently enjoying working on TSN.ca, BNN.ca, and CTVNews.ca.

My expertise has evolved to HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AngularJS, SASS, and other tools like GruntJS, and Compass.  There are always new tools and technologies emerging which makes this industry as exciting as it is, and I’m always trying to sharpen my game and use the newest technologies I can find.

I also run this website as well as synergistband.com and jonlewisproductions.com.

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