I’ve loved music ever since I was a little kid growing up in England. Hearing my parents records growing up, and eventually moving to Canada and discovering Nirvana and Led Zeppelin around the age of 9 or 10.  They made me want to play guitar and play in a band, and I was lucky enough to get my first guitar for my eleventh birthday.  Ever since then, I’ve been toiling away in basements and garages all over Southern Ontario, playing as many places as I can and making as much music as I can!

My first band was called Torsion, which we started in 2001 and went until 2006. We have a number of demos to show for our hard work you can listen to here and here.

Since then, I’ve played with many different people, but focused mostly on a project called Synergist with my fellow Torsion drummer Chris Lyttle, and vocalist Craig McCutcheon.  We’ve been playing around Toronto and recorded a number of songs for a full-length album we’ve released independently in 2013. Check it out on Bandcamp! We are in the process of recording two new EPs, the first one will likely be released in 2017.

I also started another project in the past year that should be ready to play live in the next six months or so. Exciting!

I am also a music producer, mixer, engineer, mastering engineer, songwriter, guitar player, bassist… you know, like everything! Here is my music production site if you wanna hit me up and make some hits! jonlewisproductions.com



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